Submitted by: Cara

“Be at peace, not in pieces”

“Be at peace, not in pieces” Sometimes I need to remember this more often myself. I got this tattoo four years ago on impulse as I left for college. I found myself struggling to keep calm while moving to another state and leaving my family for the first time ever. When I came across these words, something resinated inside me and I felt like I could hold my life together if I focused on being positive and peaceful. Two days later I was getting it tattooed on my body as a forever reminder to find the good in my life, no matter how hard, hold on to it, and try my best not to crumble.

What interests you about these words?
What do you notice about it?
What if you were to say these words?
What would change if you said it?
What questions does the statement raise for you?
What impact do these words have on you? the community? the world?
How would things be different if these words were never said?
To what extent do you agree with the statement?
What do these words inspire you to do? to think? to become?