Words That Changed the World

Welcome to Words that Changed the World, an online gallery that honors and celebrates words that have inspired positive change.

Our gallery is a collection of quotes and images submitted by participants from California to Nigeria. These submissions include a visual representation of their selected words with an explanation of why it’s meaningful to them.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our gallery contributors, who have shared their views with courageous vulnerability. I cannot thank each of them enough for their willingness to do so. This event would not be successful without their participation.

As you browse through our gallery, you can like, comment and ask yourself the reflection questions posted at the bottom of each entry for a more interactive experience.

We hope this event will initiate dialogue about positive change, and offer a resource of hope, inspiration, and encouragement during these tumultuous times.      

Thank you so much for visiting our gallery of Words that Changed the World.


Emily Sommer

Founder, One Sky Event

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