Submitted by: Madison

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

This quote reminds us of the moral responsibility to stand up for what is right. If we let small injustices go, thinking that they may not affect us directly, then who will stand up for us when we face similar injustice? Many small injustices can quickly build up to major breaches of human rights, so it is important to recognize injustice when we see it, and to take action for the good of everyone.

What interests you about these words?
What do you notice about it?
What if you were to say these words?
What would change if you said it?
What questions does the statement raise for you?
What impact do these words have on you? the community? the world?
How would things be different if these words were never said?
To what extent do you agree with the statement?
What do these words inspire you to do? to think? to become?