Submitted by: Ashley

“Life is good”

When I think of my paternal grandma, her saying “life is good!” always comes to mind.  While this saying may seem cliche, it brings a lot of meaning to me because my grandma suffered from severe depression most of her life. She suffered through this disease before antidepressants and fought every day to be well for her family. Her mantra life is good reminds me that life is not perfect. We are all fighting through something. Mental health, loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of job, perpetually being single, being victim to racism or a crime.  But through the storms and struggles of life, we can choose to see the good and focus on the  positives in our life, especially during the storms that come to all of us. Life is good reminds me of my grandma and her legacy to focus on the positive and to be a fighter in life. Fight to be kind. Fight to be good. Fight for who I am.

What interests you about these words?
What do you notice about it?
What if you were to say these words?
What would change if you said it?
What questions does the statement raise for you?
What impact do these words have on you? the community? the world?
How would things be different if these words were never said?
To what extent do you agree with the statement?
What do these words inspire you to do? to think? to become?